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224 pages

Augies Quest, One Mans Journey from Success to Significance

Creator: Augie Nieto, T.R. Pearson | Biography & Autobiography - 2011-01-15

They all say, this is one of our own; this is a guy who's committed his life to our industry and has been dealt a serious blow. We're going to be there for him, we're going to say, we're here for you and we're part of the Quest.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

About this book
What happens to "orphan" diseases that aren't big enough profit centers for the pharmaceutical industry or get caught in the web of government funding and academic research? Augie Nieto found out in the spring of 2005: At forty-seven years old he was diagnosed with ALS. Devastated, Augie struggled with depression and attempted suicide. When he awoke from a coma, with friends and family surrounding him, his sense of faith and mission were renewed. Fast-forward one year: Augie and his wife, Lynne, were profiled as "Real Heroes" on the Today show. Their determination to beat the disease had already led to major overhauls in the way ALS research was conducted. In partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Augie had set up a foundation and lab to coordinate and oversee ALS research and testing across the globe. By centralizing operations and championing an entrepreneurial approach to medical research, Augie and his team accomplished remarkable results in less than two years. Part inspiration, part business innovation, Augie's Quest illustrates how one person can make a meaningful difference. Praise for Augie Nieto: George H. W. Bush, former U.S. president: "Your contributions to the fitness industry are well known, and your dedication an inspiration." Lance Armstrong, seven-time "Le Tour de France" champion: "I think it says a lot about Augie, the fact that everybody came together regardless of whether or not it's for competing gyms or competing companies that make equipment. They all say, this is one of our own; this is a guy who's committed his life to our industry and has been dealt a serious blow. We're going to be there for him, we're going to say, we're here for you and we're part of the Quest." Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California: "Your success has been incredible. But you are so much more than just a successful businessman. You are the greatest husband, a great father, and a terrific friend. So,

365 pages

Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

Creator: Lady Gregory | Atlantic Coast (Ireland) - 1970

399 pages

Pop Culture Russia!, Media, Arts, and Lifestyle

Creator: Birgit Beumers | Reference - 2005-01-01

A revealing look at contemporary Russian popular culture, exploring the historical and social influences that make it unique. * A brief introduction to the cultural and historical significance of post-Soviet Russian culture * Case studies ...

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

About this book
Pop music is only one aspect of contemporary Russian culture that has taken some unexpected turns in the chaotic aftermath of the Soviet Union's collapse. Television and advertising, theater and cinema, athletics and religion, even fashion and food now reflect more exposure to the West, yet remain in essence distinctively Russian. "Pop Culture Russia!" introduces readers to the fascinating, often surprising, post-Soviet cultural landscape. With chapters on media, the arts, recreation, religion, and consumerism, the book offers an insightful survey of Russian mass culture from the death of Stalin in 1953 to the present, exploring the historical significance of important events and trends, as well as the social and political contexts from which they emerged.

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