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The Complete Guide to Circuit Training

Creator: Debbie Lawrence, Richard (Bob) Hope | Sports & Recreation - 2015-10-13

It's all well and good just getting on an indoor rowing machine and hammering out the kilometres, but should there not be enough for all to use, the following ... Flexibility focus: hamstrings; quadriceps; hip flexors; calves; pectoralis; triceps.

Publisher: A&C Black

About this book
The Complete Guide to Circuit Training is the second editionof the definitive guide to planning and teaching a circuit class. Itis the established reference title on the subject for all groupexercise instructors, from trainees to the vastly experienced.Circuit training is one of the original forms of group exercise andis still the most popular. From fitness club classes, throughsport-specific routines to the use in medical rehabilitation it has avery wide appeal.This new edition has been completely updated to take full account ofdevelopments in the area and is now supported with detailedphotography. The book comprises four parts:circuit training and its role in fitness planning and teaching session structure working with specific groups.Written by two of the leading authorities on the subject, itis sure to continue as a must-have for all fitness professionals.Formerly published as Fitness Professionals: Circuit Training, 2nd edition and now rebranded and in full colour in the Complete Guide series.

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Usually there is little rowing and more indoor exercise like swimming, general strength development, body circuits, running, ... Tight hamstrings and hip flexors coupled with weak abdominal muscles is a deadly combination for rowers.

576 pages

Sports Injuries

Creator: Michael Hutson, Cathy Speed | Medical - 2011-03-17

The sport of rowing (Figs 4.14.1 and 4.14.2) encompasses rowing with a single oar per competitor, sculling with two oars per competitor, and, increasingly, indoor rowing on a rowing ergometer. Rowing and sculling are under the auspices of ... Programmes to prevent low back pain include stretching of the glutei, hamstrings, and hip flexors (Redgrave 1992). Stabilization exercises help the maintenance ...

Publisher: Oxford University Press

About this book
The current high profile in the UK of sports and exercise medicine has been reflected in recent years by its acceptance as a stand-alone specialty and the development of the faculty of sports and exercise medicine. Written by a truly multinational list of contributors who work within, and represent the cutting edge of the discipline, Sports Injuries is in full colour throughout and contains hundreds of illustrations to aid diagnosis and understanding. It is organised by anatomical region and by sport, and also covers basic sciences such as functional anatomy, tissue injury and repair, and principles of examination and treatment to further enhance understanding. Based on the 2001 title Sports Injuries: Recognition and Management 3rd edition, also edited by Michael Hutson, this textbook will be invaluable to those clinicians who are involved with, or anticipate involvement with, sports people and those exercising for health benefits or for pleasure, many of whom will be in need of expert advice following injury. Professionals whose careers lead them into regular contact with the exercising public, whether it is as therapists, coaches, trainers, administrators or executives, will also wish to find a place on their bookshelves for this comprehensive text on the adverse consequences of exercise.

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An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.

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