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Climbing, Training for Peak Performance

Creator: Clyde Soles | Sports & Recreation - 2008

The better indoor rowers use air, water, or magnets for resistance; these provide a realistic simulation of the real thing. ... The LifeCORE Fitness R100 rower ( about $1,500) is a state-of-the-art air/ magnetic rower that starts off using a fan for  ...

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

About this book
"Whatever your talent, experience, and ambition, if you climb you would do well to read Clyde Soles' training manual. This book will allow you to pull down harder, last longer, and have more fun while you're at it." - Jon Krakauer, author of "Into Thin Air"* Climbing exercises to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and aerobic fitness* Up-to-date nutritional information to power your climbing training* Climibing fitness tips that prepares you both mentally and physicallyClimbers at all levels benefit from working to build core strength, opening the door to higher levels of achievement. This important edition in the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert series covers everything you need to improve your climbing fitness in ways that takes your performance to the next level. There is even instruction on yoga, Pilates, and herbal supplements, as well as a section on core training. Climbing: Training for Peak Performance also contains information about rehabilitation after an injury, plus several new training programs.

Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department: Alexander T. Porter, Against Magnetic Separator Company

George D. Rower, Charles T. Rower, Edna Bower Durling, Virginia Carson and Elizabeth Elliott, Defendants. Statement Required by Rule 41. The summons and complaint herein were duly served upon the defendants. Eliza Camphell and ...

320 pages

Flat Water Tuesday

Creator: Ron Irwin | Contests - 2013

The son of a working-class cabinet-maker, Rob Carrey arrives on the prestigious Fenton School's campus with a scholarship to row...and a chip on his shoulder.

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

About this book
The son of a working-class cabinet-maker, Rob Carrey arrives on the prestigious Fenton School's campus with a scholarship to row...and a chip on his shoulder. Generations of austere Fenton men have led the four-man rowing team, known as the God Four, to countless victories - but none more important or renowned as the annual Tuesday-afternoon race in April against their rival boarding school, Warwick. But first Rob must complete months of preparation driven by their captain, Connor Payne's, vicious competitive nature. Payne is a young man so plagued by family pressure and unwillingness to lose, that the lines between dedication and obsession are increasingly blurred, and as the Warwick race nears, the stakes steadfastly rise, tempers and lusts are fueled, and finally no one can prevent the horrible tragedy that befalls one of them. Now, fifteen years later, Rob is an accomplished documentary filmmaker. Returning home from a recent shoot in Africa, he arrives in New York City to clear out his shared apartment, and end his heartbreaking relationship with his film editor and girlfriend, Carolyn. But when a phone call from one of the God Four compels him to attend the 15-year reunion at Fenton, no part of Rob's past remains sequestered for long.

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NEW AIR MAGNETIC ROWER - sporting goods - by owner - sale
Features: -Contoured ergonomic seat glides along precision bearing rollers..-Compact design. Folds for storage into a 16 X 24 space..-44 inches of travel from pedals ...

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Price matters in rowing machines, and the best rower costs well over $1000. Still, we also picked more affordable rowers that are well worth a look.

Sole™ SR500 Programmable/Magnetic Air Rower -
Sole™ SR500 Programmable/Magnetic Air Rower 16 Levels of Resistance 10 Workout Programs

Sole Treadmills: SR500 Rower
Make getting into shape much more enjoyable with the Sole SR500 rower, featuring an ultra smooth air and magnetic resistance motion to create a realistic ‘on the ...

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An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.