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Don't Rock the Boat, The Untold Story of the Women's Rowing Eight Olympics Debacle

Creator: Peter Wilkins | Olympic Games - 2008

"At a critical stage of the womens rowing eight final at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Australian rower Sally Robbins suddenly put down her oar and lay back in the boat.

About this book
In DON'T ROCK THE BOAT the story behind the extraordinary events in which Olympic rower Sally Robbins put down her oars and fell back in the boat unfolds from farce to tragedy. In the middle of the women's eights final at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Robbins, who earned the soubriquet 'Lay Down Sally', suddenly stopped rowing although her team were pulling in second place.Fuelled by an avid media, the Australian public could not believe it. Nor could they believe that her furious and distressed team mates had threatened to throw Robbins overboard. The rowers were banned from talking to the media, and so into the vacuum poured all kinds of speculation.So what really did happen? And what had led to this sporting tragedy? Based on extensive interviews with members of the team, parents, supporters, coaches and sports administrators, sports journalist Peter Wilkins unpicks the mystery behind an event that should have come as no surprise but resulted in brilliant athletes being shunned from selection - and even going into exile abroad.

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WM by JEFF MOAG TWO YEARS, EIGHT MONTHS and 24 days ago, having competed in the Olympic eights final for something less than six minutes, Sally Robbins stopped rowing. Her story, though, charges on with no sign of fatigue, and no ...

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Higher, Richer, Sleazier: How Drugs and Money Are Changing Sport Forever: How Drugs and Money Are Changing Sport Forever (Large Print 16pt)

Creator: Roy Masters | Self-Help - 2011-03

larrikin—stealing a Japanese flag at the Tokyo Olympics and banned from competition for life; having a covert ... sport came at the 2004 Athens Olympics when a rower in the women's eight, Sally Robbins, stopped rowing during the race, ...


About this book
An overview of the evolution of Australian sport during the 20th Century, Higher Richer Sleazier is a lament for the innocence and good sportsmanship of a former time. In today's Winning-Is-Everything world what has sport - and we as viewers and society as a whole - lost as a result? In the Australian Dreamtime, sports stars were inspired amateurs, filled to overflowing with the glorious Olympic dreams of Baron de Coubertin. Guys who had begun by banging a golf ball with a stump against a water tank and just got better and better at it; golden girls who ran and swam gloriously before settling down as wives and mothers. What would happen today if a modern athlete, sponsored to the hilt and laden with logos, stopped a world-record-setting run to lend a hand to a fallen comrade, as John Landy did with Ron Clarke in 1956? Would he become a national hero, as Landy did, or would he now be considered a bit suss, 'holier-than-thou' and not quite right, the way much of the media portrayed Adam Gilchrist when he walked? Today it's a cut-throat world of big money, poisonous rivalries, sledging and the temptation to dabble in performance-enhancing drugs. Aussie sports fans love winners; but they still value sportsmanship. In a timely polemic, the eloquent Roy Masters explores how we have come to this and how we might be able to juggle the inherent inconsistencies in our vision of sport in the 21st Century.

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