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272 pages

Course Correction, A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of

Creator: Ginny Gilder | Sports & Recreation - 2015-04-14

Course Correction recounts the physical and psychological barriers Gilder overcame as she transformed into an elite athlete who reached the highest echelon of her sport.

Publisher: Beacon Press

About this book
Wild meets The Boys in the Boat, a memoir about the quest for Olympic gold and the triumph of love over fear  Forty years ago, when a young Ginny Gilder stood on the edge of Boston’s Charles River and first saw a rowing shell in motion, it was love at first sight. Yearning to escape her family history, which included her mother’s emotional unraveling and her father’s singular focus on investment acumen as the ultimate trophy, Gilder discovered rowing at a pivotal moment in her life. Having grown up in an era when girls were only beginning to abandon the sidelines as observers and cheerleaders to become competitors and national champions, Gilder harbored no dreams of athletic stardom. Once at Yale, however, her operating assumptions changed nearly overnight when, as a freshman in 1975, she found her way to the university’s rowing tanks in the gymnasium’s cavernous basement.   From her first strokes as a novice, Gilder found herself in a new world, training with Olympic rowers and participating in the famous Title IX naked protest, which helped define the movement for equality in college sports. Short, asthmatic, and stubborn, Gilder made the team against all odds and for the next ten years devoted herself to answering a seemingly simple question: how badly do you want to go fast?   Course Correction recounts the physical and psychological barriers Gilder overcame as she transformed into an elite athlete who reached the highest echelon of her sport. Set against the backdrop of unprecedented cultural change, Gilder’s story personalizes the impact of Title IX, illustrating the life-changing lessons learned in sports but felt far beyond the athletic arena. Heartfelt and candid, Gilder recounts lessons learned from her journey as it wends its way from her first glimpse of an oar to the Olympic podium in 1984, carries her through family tragedy, strengthens her to accept her true sexual identity, and ultimately frees her to live her life on her terms.

472 pages

The Rower's Almanac 2004-2005

Creator: Karen Ann Solem | Sports & Recreation - 2004-10-01

Potsdam: Women's sculling trainings center Hamburg: Several regattas, e.g., speedrows: sprint regatta in spring April/May. ... Munich: Olympic regatta course of 1972, usually hosts one World Cup regatta each season (end of June), applicant ...

Publisher: The Rowers Almanac Inc

About this book
The world's only complete Almanac covering rowing in over 100 countries including detailed information on rowing clubs, colleges, juniors, and rowing business along with contact information, articles, travel tips, and rower-friendly restaurants for the rowing afficionado.

244 pages

Don't Rock the Boat, The Untold Story of the Women's Rowing Eight Olympics Debacle

Creator: Peter Wilkins | Olympic Games - 2008

"At a critical stage of the womens rowing eight final at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Australian rower Sally Robbins suddenly put down her oar and lay back in the boat.

About this book
In DON'T ROCK THE BOAT the story behind the extraordinary events in which Olympic rower Sally Robbins put down her oars and fell back in the boat unfolds from farce to tragedy. In the middle of the women's eights final at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Robbins, who earned the soubriquet 'Lay Down Sally', suddenly stopped rowing although her team were pulling in second place.Fuelled by an avid media, the Australian public could not believe it. Nor could they believe that her furious and distressed team mates had threatened to throw Robbins overboard. The rowers were banned from talking to the media, and so into the vacuum poured all kinds of speculation.So what really did happen? And what had led to this sporting tragedy? Based on extensive interviews with members of the team, parents, supporters, coaches and sports administrators, sports journalist Peter Wilkins unpicks the mystery behind an event that should have come as no surprise but resulted in brilliant athletes being shunned from selection - and even going into exile abroad.

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