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Supplements to Commerce Reports, Review of Industrial and Trade Conditions in Foreign Countries ...

Creator: United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce | 1917

Review of Industrial and Trade Conditions in Foreign Countries ... United States. Bureau ... This industry. which is rowing constantly and is capable of great extensivc and intensive (ii-velopun-nt. is entirely in the hands of the natives. and the product is bought by the Chinese and shipped from Tourane to Hongkong and China. The 1915 crop was ... Rubber and coil'ee are the two crops in which the European planters of French Indo-('hinn have interested themselves. Both imlllstries are ...

Commerce Reports

Consular reports - 1922

Bulgaria, beet sugar factories ______ _grain and grain products, trade restrictions abolished ______ _railway trucks, competitive bids announced ... Chinese national association ______ _commercial and financial activitieseconomic situation. monthly review ... 513 output of South Africa, 1920- 499 production and exportation, Indo-China ____ -- ______ ... S January— August, cotton goods industry—offithbhia: ' cotton rowing industry of Laguna distr ct, Mexico ______ __ cotton tax, ...

254 pages

Decayed Gods, Origin and Development of Georges Dumézil's "Idéologie Tripartie"

Creator: Wouter W. Belier | Religion - 1991

It covers the following groups of languages: Hittite, Indo-Iranian, Tocharian, Greek, Armenian, Albanian, Italian, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic ... The similarities are thus the product of borrowing. ... Proto IE direction unknown 1 a b IE languages Model of boi known •rowing d c cmod f (ic neti el India Iran (Scythians) Avesta Firdusi ...

Publisher: BRILL

About this book
In 1930 Dumezil wrote an article in which he defended the Indo-European character of the Indian "varnas," In 1986 he was completing his final 25 "Esquisses," research proposals the aim of which was to allow his model of the 'ideologie tripartie' of Indo-European traditions to be applied to his 'disciples'. According to this model Indo-European traditions were typified by a threefold division into functions of society, the world of the gods, and the heroic traditions. These were the functions of sovereignty, power and 'fertility'. This theoretical model was elaborated by Dumezil in a large number of books and articles. Between 1930 and 1986 he broadened enormously the amount of data on which his model was based. To do so he had regularly to adapt and reformulate his model. This was not without consequences for the material which he had interpreted earlier on. In this study a detailed description is given of this process of reformulation and reinterpretation and the conclusion is that the totality of the various models does not, despite its aesthetic attraction, satisfy the criteria which should be set for scientific models.

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