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Time after time we have seen perfectly trained and drilled American crews, rowing with their piston-action leg thrust and ... that a crew which rows well together in a bad style will often beat one which gives an inferior exhibition of a good style.

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Medical judgment has long been that SLS in low concentrations, usually under 1 %, presents no problem in products you use briefly and rinse off. No proof to the ... In a cable version, you pull against a flywheel, which more closely simulates rowing in water. Expect to pay $250 to $300 for a good piston machine; paying more doesn't guarantee quality, but paying much less risks sacrificing some. Look for ...

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Endzone, The Rise, Fall, and Return of Michigan Football

Creator: John U. Bacon | Sports & Recreation - 2015-09-01

Publisher: Macmillan

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Endzone tells the story of how college football's most successful, richest and respected program almost lost all three in less than a decade - and entirely of its own doing. It is a story of hubris, greed, and betrayal - a tale more suited to Wall Street than the world's top public university. Author John U. Bacon takes you inside the offices, the board rooms and the locker rooms of the University of Michigan to see what happened, and why - with countless eye-opening, head-shaking scenes of conflict and conquest. But Endzone is also an inspiring story of redemption and revival. When those who loved Michigan football the most recognized it was being attacked from within, they rallied to reclaim the values that made it great for over a century -- values that went deeper than dollars. The list of heroes includes players, students, lettermen, fans and faculty - and the leaders who had the courage to listen to them. Their unprecedented uprising produced a new athletic director, and a new coach - the hottest in the land - who vindicated the fans' faith when he turned down more money and fame to return to the place he loved most: Michigan. If you love a good story, you'll want to dive into Endzone: The Rise, Fall and Return of Michigan Football.

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