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(Mr. Borghard is responding to my observation that people seem to be rowing with very wide grips and thereby losing some ... favors less talented, taller scullers and keeps the rate down, again favoring low talent techniques Well, good for you.

128 pages

Street Of Tall People

Creator: Alan Gibbons | Fiction - 2010-12-23

'Shall we get a rowing boat?' Yaro suggested. 'Too dear ... 'I'd rather havea rowing boat,'Yaro said hopefully. 'Maybe later,' said ... everybody swarmed past the bemused boatmanand started jostling forthe best places. 'Now giveover shoving,' ...

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

About this book
Set in the East End of London in 1936, this is the story of an unlikely friendship between a Jewish and a Gentile boy during the upsurge of fascist violence ledby Oswald Moseley and his Blackshirts. Jimmy and Benny are adversaries in a boxing match before they become friends. Jimmy lives in a tenament with his newly widowed mother; Benny comes from a large Orthodox Jewish family. The discovery that Jimmy's mother's new friend Mr Searleis a Blackshirt has a profound effect on their relationship and places Jimmy in an agonizing dilemna. A vivid and compelling story that raises issues that have many parallels today.

258 pages

Hackers & Painters, Big Ideas from the Computer Age

Creator: Paul Graham | Computers - 2004

The author examines issues such as the rightness of web-based applications, the programming language renaissance, spam filtering, the Open Source Movement, Internet startups and more.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
"The computer world is like an intellectual Wild West, in which you can shoot anyone you wish with your ideas, if you're willing to risk the consequences. " --from Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, by Paul Graham We are living in the computer age, in a world increasingly designed and engineered by computer programmers and software designers, by people who call themselves hackers. Who are these people, what motivates them, and why should you care? Consider these facts: Everything around us is turning into computers. Your typewriter is gone, replaced by a computer. Your phone has turned into a computer. So has your camera. Soon your TV will. Your car was not only designed on computers, but has more processing power in it than a room-sized mainframe did in 1970. Letters, encyclopedias, newspapers, and even your local store are being replaced by the Internet. Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age, by Paul Graham, explains this world and the motivations of the people who occupy it. In clear, thoughtful prose that draws on illuminating historical examples, Graham takes readers on an unflinching exploration into what he calls "an intellectual Wild West." The ideas discussed in this book will have a powerful and lasting impact on how we think, how we work, how we develop technology, and how we live. Topics include the importance of beauty in software design, how to make wealth, heresy and free speech, the programming language renaissance, the open-source movement, digital design, internet startups, and more.

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