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88 pages

A Guide to Exercise and Fitness Equipment

Creator: Prevention Magazine Editors | Exercise - 1987

168 pages

Row Daily, Breathe Deeper, Live Better, A Guide to Moderate Exercise

Creator: D.P. Ordway | Health & Fitness - 2008-11-26

Advance Praise for Row Daily "This book has the potential to change and lengthen your active life.

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
Advance Praise for Row Daily "This book has the potential to change and lengthen your active life." -Jo A. Hannafin, MD ". . . shows the way to improve your fitness and quality of life through rowing." - Marlene Royle, OTR "I use the principles in this book to help train people to become Navy SEALS; you can use them to improve your fitness at your own pace, whatever that may be." -Michael Caviston, MS (Kinesiology) "A 'golden gateway' to the sport of rowing for those who know nothing about it and a demonstration of how easily you can find better health and a better life through rowing!" -Victoria Draper, Founder/CEO, Rowbics

502 pages

Modeling Solid-State Precipitation

Creator: Ernst Kozeschnik, Corbett Bataille, Koenraad Janssens | Technology & Engineering - 2012-11-30

NetAthlon supports a variety of off-the-shelf and adapted exercise equipment. Rate of travel through the synthetic environment is proportional to the rate at which the rowing exercise equipment is operated. The current design of NetAthlon is ...

Publisher: Momentum Press

About this book
Over recent decades, modeling and simulation of solid-state precipitation has attracted increased attention in academia and industry due to their important contributions in designing properties of advanced structural materials and in increasing productivity and decreasing costs for expensive alloying. In particular, precipitation of second phases is an important means for controlling the mechanical-technological properties of structural materials. However, profound physical modeling of precipitation is not a trivial task. This book introduces you to the classical methods of precipitation modeling and to recently-developed advanced, computationally-efficient techniques. If you're a research professional, academic, or student, you'll learn: nucleation theory, precipitate growth, calculation of interfacial energies. advanced techniques for technologically relevant multicomponent systems and complex thermo-mechanical treatments. numerical approaches using evolution equations and discrete particle size distributions. the major software products available for precipitation kinetics simulations."

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