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269 pages

Climbing, Training for Peak Performance

Creator: Clyde Soles | Sports & Recreation - 2008

The better indoor rowers use air, water, or magnets for resistance; these provide a realistic simulation of the real thing. ... The LifeCORE Fitness R100 rower ( about $1,500) is a state-of-the-art air/ magnetic rower that starts off using a fan for  ...

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

About this book
"Whatever your talent, experience, and ambition, if you climb you would do well to read Clyde Soles' training manual. This book will allow you to pull down harder, last longer, and have more fun while you're at it." - Jon Krakauer, author of "Into Thin Air"* Climbing exercises to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and aerobic fitness* Up-to-date nutritional information to power your climbing training* Climibing fitness tips that prepares you both mentally and physicallyClimbers at all levels benefit from working to build core strength, opening the door to higher levels of achievement. This important edition in the Mountaineers Outdoor Expert series covers everything you need to improve your climbing fitness in ways that takes your performance to the next level. There is even instruction on yoga, Pilates, and herbal supplements, as well as a section on core training. Climbing: Training for Peak Performance also contains information about rehabilitation after an injury, plus several new training programs.

324 pages

Get Fit, Stay Fit

Creator: William E Prentice | Medical - 2015-11-03

Elliptical trainers manufactured by Spirit Fitness, XTERRA Sole, Diamondback Fitness, NordicTrack, Free Motion, ProForm, ... Kettler, Diamondback Fitness, LifeCORE, and Concept 2 are the most common home models of rowing machines.

Publisher: F.A. Davis

About this book
Learn how to take control of your own well-being. You’ll find both the motivation and scientific knowledge you need to develop your own personal plan for healthy living and to make physical activity an integral part of that plan. You’ll also explore the roles of stress management, sleep, and nutrition in achieving your goals.

224 pages

Augies Quest, One Mans Journey from Success to Significance

Creator: Augie Nieto, T.R. Pearson | Biography & Autobiography - 2011-01-15

They all say, this is one of our own; this is a guy who's committed his life to our industry and has been dealt a serious blow. We're going to be there for him, we're going to say, we're here for you and we're part of the Quest.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

About this book
What happens to "orphan" diseases that aren't big enough profit centers for the pharmaceutical industry or get caught in the web of government funding and academic research? Augie Nieto found out in the spring of 2005: At forty-seven years old he was diagnosed with ALS. Devastated, Augie struggled with depression and attempted suicide. When he awoke from a coma, with friends and family surrounding him, his sense of faith and mission were renewed. Fast-forward one year: Augie and his wife, Lynne, were profiled as "Real Heroes" on the Today show. Their determination to beat the disease had already led to major overhauls in the way ALS research was conducted. In partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Augie had set up a foundation and lab to coordinate and oversee ALS research and testing across the globe. By centralizing operations and championing an entrepreneurial approach to medical research, Augie and his team accomplished remarkable results in less than two years. Part inspiration, part business innovation, Augie's Quest illustrates how one person can make a meaningful difference. Praise for Augie Nieto: George H. W. Bush, former U.S. president: "Your contributions to the fitness industry are well known, and your dedication an inspiration." Lance Armstrong, seven-time "Le Tour de France" champion: "I think it says a lot about Augie, the fact that everybody came together regardless of whether or not it's for competing gyms or competing companies that make equipment. They all say, this is one of our own; this is a guy who's committed his life to our industry and has been dealt a serious blow. We're going to be there for him, we're going to say, we're here for you and we're part of the Quest." Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California: "Your success has been incredible. But you are so much more than just a successful businessman. You are the greatest husband, a great father, and a terrific friend. So,

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LifeCORE provides quality fitness equipment for in-home use at a great price. Incredible warranty and commercial-grade quality!

LifeCore R100 Rower - Costco
Take complete control of your rowing workout and fitness goals with the LifeCore R100 Rower. This robust, overbuilt rower is engineered for serious performance.

View and Download LifeCore Fitness LC 1000Z owner's manual online. LifeCore Elliptical Cross Trainer Owner's Manual. LC 1000Z Fitness Equipment pdf manual download.

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Rowing machines designed for use in a commercial or institutional setting. These models carry a commercial warranty.

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