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278 pages

Physical Activity and Health, A Report of the Surgeon General

Creator: Audrey F. Manley | 1996-11-01

A landmark review of the research on physical activity & health -- the most comprehensive ever.

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

About this book
This report is the first report of the Surgeon General on physical activity and health. For more than a century, the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service has focused the nation's attention on important public health issues. Reports from Surgeons General on the adverse health consequences of smoking triggered nationwide efforts to prevent tobacco use. Reports on nutrition, violence, and HIV/AlDS - to name but a few - have heightened America's awareness of important public health issues and have spawned major public health initiatives. This new report, which is a comprehensive review of the available scientific evidence about the relationship between physical activity and health status, follows in this notable tradition. Scientists and doctors have known for years that substantial benefits can be gained from regular physical activity. The expanding and strengthening evidence on the relationship between physical activity and health necessitates the focus this report brings to this important public health challenge. Although the science of physical activity is a complex and still-developing field, we have today strong evidence to indicate that regular physical activity will provide clear and substantial health gains. In this sense, the report is more than a summary of the science - it is a national call to action.

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This has since been exceeded by 412 students; 304 of them reaching 700; 104,800; 38,900; and 12, 1,000 points. ... 300 are now in the University, with a record of 600, the test required for permission to take part in contests on the University teams in rowing and foot-ball. ... R. W. Boyden, '85 . ... O. Stickney, L. S. 1082.9 4.

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9— Scullers' race, $2,000, 3 miles, 663yds., straightaway; R. W. Boyd beat Wm. Elliott— Tyne River, Eng. Feb, ... lS^s.— Saratoga. Sept. 29— Double scull race, 3 miles, turn; J. A. Kennedy and J. A. Ten Eyck heat Wallace Ross and M. F. Davis; 20m. ... April 30— Scullers' race, $1,000, coast skiffs, 3 miles 1,660yds., straightaway; E. A. Trickett beat Wm. Kirby; 33m. ... July 31— Rowing match, amateur, six oared gigs, \% miles, straightaway ; Mutual B. C. beat Albany R. C— Albany, N. Y. ...

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