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Functional Training for Sports

Publisher: Human Kinetics

315 pages

Advances in Functional Training, Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes

Creator: Michael Boyle | 2012-01-19

Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes Michael Boyle ... Although chin-ups and their variations are important, rowing movements specifically target both the muscles and movement patterns that directly oppose those ...

Publisher: On Target Publications

About this book
In the seven years since the publication of his first book, Functional Training for Sports, new understanding of functional anatomy created a shift in strength coaching. With this new material, Coach Boyle presents the continued evolution of functional training as seen by a leader in the strength and conditioning field.

256 pages

The Strength and Conditioning Bible, How to Train Like an Athlete

Creator: Nick Grantham | Sports & Recreation - 2015-11-05

We can challenge the system by running, swimming, rowing, cycling and even lifting! ' Better results in less time is always our motto at Results Fitness. For this reason our Metabolic Conditioning workouts include heart rate monitors, multiple planes of motion, load using ... at a higher intensity with lower volumes, your body will begin to adapt and be capable of Ian King Charles Poliquin Mike Boyle  ...

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

About this book
Professional athletes' careers and livelihoods depend on results, so when they train they make sure they get the most from their training sessions. Experienced trainer Nick Grantham introduces you to performance based conditioning, explaining why athletic-based strength and conditioning training programmes are superior to all other training methods. Providing you with detailed information in a highly accessible manner, the book ensures you can elevate your training programmes to a new level.Revealing the training S&C strategies and principles used by elite athletes, this book will show that, regardless of your current fitness and exercise experience, anyone can train like an athlete.Providing a strong scientific rationale for an athletic approach to training so you can develop a better understanding of physical preparation, The Strength and Conditioning Bible gives you the key elements of an integrated performance-conditioning programme. An essential resource, this book contains a 16-week, 4 stage plan that balances total-body strength, endurance, mobility, balance, coordination and athleticism. You will be able develop a customisable and realistic fitness programme and with the knowledge gleaned from the book, you will develop and enjoy productive and pain-free workouts for years to come.

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