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177 pages

The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing

Creator: Jim Flood, Charles Simpson | Health & Fitness - 2012-07-15

from on-water rowers and coaches despite its higher cost when compared to the straight pull machines that populate ... Fig 8.1 Sliders for use with the Concept2 indoor rowing machines When using a stationary indoor rowing machine, the ...

Publisher: A&C Black

About this book
Indoor rowing machines (or ergometers) were once used only by outdoor rowers during their winter training. Over the last twenty years however the benefits of indoor rowing have attracted more and more users, and now every gym comes with one as standard. It's also a sport in its own right, with competitions ranging from school leagues to the European and World Championships.The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing is the first comprehensive book to focus on this unique form of strength-endurance training. Clearly illustrated and full of information, training plans, tips and techniques, it is suitable for serious athletes, outdoor rowers and regular gym users alike, and is a must for health professionals and coaches. Whether you are attracted by the weight-loss benefits of the rowing machine or using it to coach cross-training athletes, this book will help you get the best from each session while, crucially, remaining injury-free.

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In the center of the room's stage sits a single object, a Concept2 indoor rowing machine, and for four or so frenetic hours 10 members of the MAD crew will channel all of their considerable energies into making its flywheel spin. Their goal: to ...

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I know that many of us probably believe that it was the Dreissigacker brothers up at Concept2 in Vermont who invented the ergometer, but there were in ... He continued on, "Those big old pre-Concept2 machines were also called ergometers.

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