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372 pages

Using Technology in Physical Education

Creator: Bonnie S. Mohnsen | Education - 2006-06

In terms of resistance, there are two types: air resistance and electromagnetic steel flywheel. The air resistance type lasts longer, while the electromagnetic provides for a smoother and safer ride since it is enclosed in a housing.

Publisher: Bonnies Fitware Inc

136 pages

Air, The Excellent Canopy

Creator: Frank Fahy | 2009-10-28

The common feature of all mechanical (non-electromagnetic) waves is that they involve two interacting physical properties of the media through which they travel. One is the property of mass (or inertia); the other is the resistance of ...

Publisher: Horwood Pub Limited

About this book
We take it for granted, but without it we perish and if we continue to abuse it, it may kill us in the end. This fascinating text provides an understanding and appreciation of the role that air plays in our environment and its importance in relation to human life and technology. Aimed at those who are scientifically curious but who have no specialist training, it contains no mathematical equations and relies upon the qualitative descriptions and analogies to explain the more technical parts of the text together with simple home experiments to illustrate a range of air-based phenomena. Liberally illustrated with a range of line drawings and photographs, it recommends further reading for those who are motivated to learn more. This book offers valuable background reading for both physics teachers and students.

Electrical world, a review of current progress in electricity and its practical applications

Technology & Engineering - 1897

The results obtained at the power station are briefly discussed, and it was found that the battery had a very ... Steel il'ork in a Modern Rower House. Jones. Eng. News, April 8. — An illustrated description of the steel work in the new ...

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