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Sequencing of actions affects force production for ergometer rowing

Creator: Kieran Anthony Coghlan, State University of New York at Buffalo. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences | 2007

benefit of “taking the catch” with bent elbows may be to allow the rower to more quickly “load” the oar. Acting as a hydrofoil, ... Sparrow, et al., [11] looked at the economy of rowing for non-experienced rowers using ergometers.

Publisher: ProQuest

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Six experienced, male college rowers were recruited and performed two different catch techniques on an instrumented rowing ergometer: one with elbows straight throughout the catch and early drive phase, and one in which the elbows flexed throughout the drive. Data collected included force data from a transducer-equipped rowing machine, elbow and knee 3-D joint angles, and EMG for muscle timing. Four dependent measures were calculated from the data: average work per stroke, percent of work done in the first ⅓ of the drive, average peak force per stroke, and average time to ½ peak force per stroke.

The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing

Creator: Jim Flood |

Nevertheless, competitive rowing programmes have generally been slow to adopt sliding ergometers in large numbers, possibly suggesting that the perceived benefits are insufficient to warrant the extra financial cost.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

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But superior crews have been training hard and winning big races long before the ergometer arrived. ... go on cross-country skiing trips as part of their training, and the Scandinavian rowers also benefit from doing a lot of it.

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Indoor rower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.

Rowing Ergometer Training | LIVESTRONG.COM
Health Benefits. At moderate speeds while rowing on an ergometer, a 155-pound person burns about 246 calories in 30 minutes or 422 calories at a vigorous ...

What is a Rowperfect Indoor Sculler, and why is it the best rowing machine you can buy? Rowing is aguably the best complete body workout, training strength, endurance ...

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Benefits of a Rowing Machine Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015 | By Linda Ray. Back view of a muscular man flexing. Photo Credit Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

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Rowing, often referred to as crew in the United States, is a sport with origins back to Ancient Egyptian times. It is based on propelling a boat (racing shell) on ...


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