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American Rower's Almanac 1997

Creator: Karen Solem | 1997-03-01

COACHES: n/a REGATTAS: n/a HISTORY: n/a CORVALLIS ROWING CAMP FOR MASTERS LOCATION: Corvallis, OR ... Corvallis, OR 97330, (541) 745- 7532 PROGRAM NAME: Masters Sweep Rowing Camp FEE & LENGTH: $180/ 3 -day camp ... Beginners first receive Instruction on boat safety, handling and is shown a video tape on proper rowing technique followed by instruction in a single.

Publisher: The Rowers Almanac Inc

44 pages

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PERFORMANCE: VIDEO ANALYSIS The rowing or sculling stroke takes a long time to master. ... Over the course of the season it is important to have feedback about your technique and to have some way of ... •Proper use of bodyweight during the drive. ... SWEEP: For crews, group video sessions can provide a We have ail your answers for unisuits, jackets, tanks, henieys, hats, sweats, visors, and more.

44 pages

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On the video or in the mirror you want to look for common mistakes of "shooting the slide" when the hips move back towards .... proper technique and of course individual differences that affect the risks for injury should be considered for sweep ...

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