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Technique Videos | Concept2
The Rowing Stroke The Catch. Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched. Upper body is leaning forward from the hips with the shoulders

Getting Started | Concept2
Rowing is easy to learn. Once you know the basics, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals. Use the tips and resources in this section to make the ...

Rowing Service - Noticeboard
Welcome to the new-look Rowing Service noticeboard Use the categories on the right to select just the posts you are interested in. All the postings on this site are ...

Rowing 101 | Winter Park Crew
About the Boats In rowing, boats are divided into two categories, sculls and shells. In a scull, each rower has two oars that are approximately 9.5 feet long.

Coaching Videos - USRowing
USRowing Coaching Education Presents... Coaching, Safety and other DVDs and Downloads. Download - Now you can download select coaching education videos right to your ...


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