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294 pages

Rowing faster

Creator: Volker Nolte | Sports & Recreation - 2005

Representing one of the first expert resources aimed at this fast-growing, far-reaching sport, this book incorporates techniques, training methods, and racing strategies from the world's top rowing coaches and scientists.

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

About this book
Get a length up on the competition with cutting-edge technique, training, and racing information. Let the top rowing coaches and scientists in the world steer you to ultimate success, starting with sound training and racing principles and adding increasingly advanced instruction, drills, and insights all the way to the finish. Rowing Fasteris the most comprehensive and detailed guide for achieving excellence in the sport. Inside you'll find the following advice: -Techniques, drills, and progressions used by World and Olympic champions to master every phase of the stroke -Tests to assess your rowing fitness and workouts to develop an aerobic base, increase anaerobic threshold, improve VO2max, and build rowing-specific strength and power -A rowing periodization plan to sequence all the training components into a complete training program to maximize boat speed for 1000 meters, 2000 meters, and head racing -Racing plans and tactics that have been proven successful at the highest levels of competitionCut through the water faster than ever. Rowing Fasterwill boost your speed and performance to the highest level.

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But, the components of stabilization, proper technique and of course individual differences that affect the risks for injury should be considered for sweep rowers and for scullers. Q. How long does it take for back problems to develop?

493 pages

American Rower's Almanac 1997

Creator: Karen Solem | Sports & Recreation - 1997-03-01

COACHES: n/a REGATTAS: n/a HISTORY: n/a CORVALLIS ROWING CAMP FOR MASTERS LOCATION: Corvallis, OR CONTACT: Kathleen Brownell, ... handling and is shown a video tape on proper rowing technique followed by instruction in a single.

Publisher: The Rowers Almanac Inc

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The Rowing Stroke The rowing stroke can be divided into two parts: The drive and the recovery. You will learn a coordinated movement pattern built upon the ...

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How to use proper technique on the Concept2 rowing machine with coach Lubo Kisiov.

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The Rowing Stroke The Catch. Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched. Upper body is leaning forward from the hips with the shoulders

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Proper Form on a Rowing Machine Last Updated: Jan 07, 2014 | By Beth Rifkin. Prevent injuries by rowing with proper form. Photo Credit George Doyle ...

Sweep Rowing vs. Sculling
Home > About > Rowing 101 > Sweep vs. Sculling Sweep Rowing vs. Sculling. Athletes with two oars – one in each hand – are scullers. There are three sculling ...


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