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288 pages

Sports Nutrition, Energy Metabolism and Exercise

Creator: Judy A. Driskell, Ira Wolinsky | Health & Fitness - 2007-09-14

Some of these ergometers also have an attachment to monitor heart rate and are capable of using that heart rate to determine the amount of resistance. B. ROWING ERGOMETERS Rowing ergometers are designed to mimic the actions of ...

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
Exercise by itself tears down the body. To rebuild that body so that it expresses greater strength, endurance, and speed, requires sound nutritional practices based on fact rather than fad. Those practices must also recognize that specific needs vary greatly according to age, gender, and intensity of exercise.Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism and Exercise offers a cutting-edge investigation of energy metabolism and exercise in relation to sports nutrition. Edited by the team of Ira Wolinsky and Judy Driskell, who continue to build on their reputation as leading experts on sports-nutrition, and written by researchers qualified for the task, this myth-busting work presents-New findings on essential energy-yielding nutrientsNew material on the estimation of energy requirementsVarious chapters examine the active body's need for energy-yielding carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. The book also considers laboratory methods for determining the energy expenditure of athletes as well as unique assessment methods used to measure activity in the field. In addition, the text considers important physiological aspects of energy metabolism such as body weight regulation, and examines variances necessitated by gender and age.Based on rigorous research, this readable work offers sound advice for all those concerned with the proper nourishment of the active body. Nutritionists, trainers, exercise physiologists, and athletes themselves will find much food for thought on nutrition science, as well as practical guidance in determining the ingredients required to maximize training.

192 pages

The Complete Guide to Indoor Rowing

Creator: Jim Flood, Charles Simpson | Sports & Recreation - 2012-05-10

Indoor rowing is an essential part of preparation for on-water rowing competitions . Rowing machines offer an acceptable method for testing the fitness of individual oarsmen and oarswomen and provide coaches with quantitative data to help ...

Publisher: A&C Black

55 pages

Sequencing of Actions Affects Force Production for Ergometer Rowing


benefit of “taking the catch” with bent elbows may be to allow the rower to more quickly “load” the oar. Acting as a hydrofoil, an oar blade can not generate lift until it is loaded with force. Furthermore, the time it takes to load the blade will be  ...

Publisher: ProQuest

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Ed McNeely ### Abstract Many studies have examined the relationship between 2000m rowing ergometer performance and physiological variables, often suggesting


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"To erg is inhuman, to row divine" is the rowers' version of Alexander Pope's famous quote. This version describes the rowers' attitude towards the erg (ergometer or rowing machine) on which most train, in contrast to their love of rowing.
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"To erg is inhuman; to row divine" is a take off from Alexander Pope's famous quotation (to err is human; to forgive divine) that expresses the rower's disdain for the erg (ergometer or rowing machine) and the love of rowing
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To erg is inhuman; to row divine T-shirt

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A take off on Alexander Pope's famous quotation, this T-shirt expresses rowers' disdain for the ergometer ('erg' or rowing machine) used in training and their love of rowing.
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To erg is inhuman; to row divine T-Shirt

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This take off on Alexander Pope's famous quotation expresses rowers' disdain for the ergometer (erg or rowing machine) used in training and their love of rowing.
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