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Biology of Sport


REPRODUCIBILITY OF THE RESULTS OF THE LABORATORY EXERCISE PERFORMED ON ROWING ERGOMETER A.Klusiewicz \ J.Faff u, D.Sitkowski 1 1Dept. of Physiology, Institute of Sport, Warsaw; 2 Dept. of Applied Physiology, Military Institute of ...

About this book
Biology of Sport publishes reports of methodological and experimental work on science of sport, natural sciences, medicine and pharmacology, technical siences, biocybernetics and application of statistics and psychology, with priority for inter-discyplinary papers. Brief reviews of monographic papers on problems of sport, information on recent developments in research equipment and training aids, are also published. Papers are invided from researchers, coaches and all authors engaged in problems of trining effects, selection in sport as well as biological and social effects of athletic activity durning various periods of man's ontogenetic development.

80 pages

Rowing News


Without the Dreissigackers, erg rowing would be something done by a small group of fanatics. ... There are also bicycle ergometers, so I can't say that we invented the term. There have also been rowing machines for over 100 years.

496 pages

The U.S. Navy Seal Guide to Fitness and Nutrition

Creator: Patricia A. Deuster, U.S. Navy, Anita Singh, Pierre A. Pelletier | 2007-05-01

Stationary Exercise Alternatives Rowing Ergometer There are many types of rowing machines on the market, and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The best rowing machine is one with variable resistance and the ability to ...

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Company Incorporated

About this book
Developed for Navy SEAL trainees to help them meet the rigorous demands of the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community, this comprehensive guide covers all the basics of physical well being as well as advice for the specific challenges encountered in extreme conditions and mission-related activities. Topics covered include calculating energy expenditure; definitions, functions, and daily allowances of carbohydrates, fats, and protein; nutritional considerations for endurance and strength training activities; active recovery from injury; cardio-respiratory conditioning; appropriate gear for running and swimming for fitness; exercising in extreme and adverse weather; and more. Compiled by physicians and physiologists chosen for their knowledge of the NSW and SEAL community, this manual is a unique resource for anyone wanting to improve his or her health, strength, and endurance.

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Indoor rower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An indoor rower, or rowing machine, is a machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing for the purpose of exercise or training for rowing.

Concept 2 Rowing - Home | Concept2
Since 1976. We’ve been making world class rowing products since 1976. When you choose Concept2, you invest in a 30-year legacy of excellence. Our products will ...

Indoor Rowing Technique: How to Row an Ergometer ...
World-class rower John Dunn demonstrates how to get the best and most efficient workout on an ergometer. John is a U.S. National Team medalist and the co ...

Rowing Ergometer Training | LIVESTRONG.COM
A rowing ergometer is a stationary machine that enables its user to experience watercraft rowing indoors. The machine provides a total body workout that ...

Indoor Rowing Technique: How to Use an Ergometer to ...
Watch world champion rower John Dunn show you how to use an ergometer to build your strength, increase your endurance, and generate more power. John is a U ...


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Editor's picks

  • Concept2

    Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 (Light Gray)

    Sports (Concept2)
    List Price: $850.00

    Separates easily into two pieces for storage with a quick-release frame lock. Caster wheels make it mobile.
    14-Inch (35.6 cm) seat height, nickel-plated chain and PM3 monitor.
    Indoor rowing machine with sliding seat for complete total body workouts. Flywheel design minimizes noise while maximizing a smooth feel.
    Requires footprint of 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound capacity; 5-year frame warranty.
    Adjustable footrests accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes. Ergonomic handle for natural position.

  • Rowperfect

    Ergometer Testing For Rowers - Improve Your Test Score

    eBooks (Rowperfect)

  • BookFactory

    BookFactory® Ergometer Rowing Log Book / Journal / Logbook - 120 Page, 8.5"x11", Black Hardbound (XLog-120-7CS-A-L-Black( Ergometer Rowing Log Book))

    Office Product (BookFactory)
    List Price: $39.99
    Price: $24.99
    You Save: $15.00 (38%)

    Ruled Pages with Page Numbers and Fields for Subject, Date and Book Number
    Smyth Sewn - Books lies flat when open; Archival Quality, Acid-Free Paper
    Hard Bound Book with Reinforced Imitation Leather Cover, and Placeholder Ribbon
    Page Dimensions: 8.5" X 11" (21.6cm X 25.4cm )

  • Vasa, Inc.

    Vasa Swim Ergometer

    Sports (Vasa, Inc.)

    Rating (1 reviews):
    Vasa, Inc.

    wonderful exercise and swim training

    0 4/5 A. Hall "Hall" (Arizona) - See all my reviews This review is from: Vasa Swim Ergometer (Misc.) I had used a VASA back in HS so many years go to maintain my stroke when my knees would act up. This is just as successful and it is very easy to put a good half hour a day on the machine which allows you to monitor progress via simulated meters, calories or watts 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , October 18, 2008
    List Price: $1,899.00
    Precise swim Power Meter for motivation, performance monitoring and testing.
    Improves freestyle swimming technique, power & stamina.
    Great for improving sustained swim power, endurance and stroke mechanics.
    Measures time, distance, pace, stroke rate, and left / right arm power.
    Vasa Swim Ergometer for faster freestyle swimming at home.

  • BodyCraft

    BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine

    Sports (BodyCraft)
    List Price: $840.00
    Price: $599.00
    You Save: $241.00 (29%)

    Sturdy rowing machine with 6 resistance levels (1 air resistance and 5 air and magnetic resistance)
    Contoured ergonomic seat glides along precision-bearing rollers to ensure smooth performance
    Aircraft-grade aluminum and steel frame; 44 inches of travel from pedals to accommodate different heights
    Adjustable (height and angle) console tracks your time, distance, strokes, calories burned, and heart rate
    Folds up for easy storage; measures 17 x 22 x 68 inches (W x H x D); lifetime frame warranty

  • Tyler Brown

    Row Keeper

    Mobile Application (Tyler Brown)
    List Price: $1.99

    Tracking is easy - just enter your time and distance
    See a beautiful summary of your progress
    Gain insight into your progress through charts
    Keep tabs on your workout days with the calendar


    Kettler Coach E Indoor Exercise Rower

    List Price: $1,739.00
    Price: $1,399.00
    You Save: $340.00 (20%)

    Ergometer classified computer calibrated for high precision and maximum accuracy; Polar T34 wireless chest strap heart rate transmitter included
    High resolution SIEMENS LCD computer display with 12 programs including Heart Rate Control programming
    Biomechanically correct footrests with adjustable straps offer a full longitudinal rowing motion range
    KETTLER Inductions Brake System provides a wide resistance range from 25 to 500 watts with no friction or wear to brake system component
    Sturdy, powder coated, carbon steel frame stands on end when not in use; easy 4-step assembly

  • Atlantic Outdoor

    Pacific A/R Rower Water-based Rowing Exercise Machine

    Sports (Atlantic Outdoor)

  • Tank Top Rowing Machine-Pictogram-M-Heathergrey- Black


    high quality durable print
    Machine Washable, 30 degrees and iron on reverse of print
    Fruit of the Loom Tank Top
    100% cotton

  • First Degree Fitness

    First Degree Fitness Vortex V2 Home Fluid Water Rower Machine w/ Monitor

    Single Detail Page Misc (First Degree Fitness)

    Extra-long anodized aluminum seat rail will suit the tallest of
    Seat at "office chair" height for ease of entry and exit
    Maximum user weight 450 lbs.
    16 level of patented variable fluid resistance

Rowing Machines

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To erg is inhuman; to row divine tshirts

erg, ergometer, rowing, crew
This take off on Alexander Pope's famous quotation expresses rowers' disdain for the ergometer (erg or rowing machine) used in training and their love of rowing.
Price: $$35.20

To erg is inhuman button

rowing, crew, erg, ergometer, button
"To erg is inhuman; to row divine" is a take off on Alexander Pope's famous quotation ("to err is human; to forgive divine") that expresses the rower's disdain for the erg (ergometer or rowing machine) and love of rowing
Price: $$3.50

To erg is inhuman T-shirt

rowing, crew, erg, ergometer
"To erg is inhuman; to row divine" is a take off from Alexander Pope's famous quotation (to err is human; to forgive divine) that expresses the rower's disdain for the erg (ergometer or rowing machine) and the love of rowing
Price: $$29.20

To erg is inhuman; to row divine T-shirt

erg, ergometer, rowing, crew
A take off on Alexander Pope's famous quotation, this T-shirt expresses rowers' disdain for the ergometer ('erg' or rowing machine) used in training and their love of rowing.
Price: $$29.20