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288 pages

Sports Facilities and Technologies

Creator: Peter Culley, John Pascoe | Architecture - 2009-06-30

Placing facilities design and operation at the heart of sports development, this book adopts a holistic approach, integrating experience in the field with collective knowledge across many different uses and technologies.

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Developers, designers and operators are increasingly needing to create versatile sport and leisure amenities that are of lasting value to local and wider communities. Placing facilities design and operation at the heart of sports development, this book adopts a holistic approach, integrating experience in the field with collective knowledge across many different uses and technologies. Extensive use of case studies from around the world makes this book a definitive reference for practitioners and students in sports and leisure, building design and facilities management.

120 pages

Freestyle BMX Tricks, Flatland and Air

Creator: Sean D'Arcy | BMX bikes - 2010

This easy-to-follow illustrated guide will have you performing amazing BMX tricks, whether you are a beginner or more experienced rider.

Publisher: A&C Black

About this book
BMXing is incredibly popular, and the streets and tracks are filledwith children and teenagers trying to impress their friends with theirBMX skills. Freestyle BMX Tricksis illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs of kids on BMXs demonstrating their amazing moves. From youngsters trying out BMXing for the first time to keenamateurs looking to master the techniques (or just wanting to show off)Freestyle BMX Tricksshows you how to perform the tricks and skills that every keen BMXer wants to master. Aimed at children from 8-16 years.

300 pages

The Bowflex Body Plan

Creator: Ellington Darden | Health & Fitness - 2003-11-15

With this time-saving approach exclusively designed by one of America's top fitness experts and strength consultants, The Bowflex Body Plan is THE guide to help you achieve the leanness and vitality you've always wanted-- in just 6 weeks.

Publisher: Rodale

About this book
THE BOWFLEX BODY PLAN Discover the super secrets for getting the most out of the hottest home workout machine ever. We've all seen those attractive Bowflex bodies on television. Well, you don't have to resemble a model to achieve a Bowflex body. Now, you can apply the complete science behind what it takes to get that lean, muscular look. The course of action you're holding in your hands contains the best-possible routines and practices that, combined, cause greater and faster results. The Bowflex exercise system is based on the simple bow-and-arrow principle. Its patented Power Rod technology flexes and extends to provide force or resistance, part of your week-by-week workouts, which focus on all major muscle groups. Merge the recommended Bowflex routines with Dr. Ellington Darden's guidelines on eating, hydrating, and resting, and you'll be well on your way to getting the results you've always wanted. In addition to four fat-loss meal plans, you'll find complete programs for out-of-shape athletes, women who want to reduce their hips and thighs, and individuals who wish to focus on their abdominals. Choose the one that's right for you, depending on your age, experience, body type, and personal goals. Throughout these pages you'll be inspired by reports and photographs of real results from real people using a real Bowflex machine. With a little discipline and patience, you'll see your extra fat begin to vanish, revealing your muscles' lean lines. In only six weeks, a man could drop 35 pounds of fat and 5 inches from his waist. A woman could lose 19 pounds of fat and 4 inches from her thighs. And both can build 3 pounds of muscle. Best of all, you will experience strength, firmness, and muscular refinement as never before. Elegant, instructive photographs of Dr. Darden's top 23 Bowflex exercises make this the ideal fitness manual for both men and women-- those who already use the Bowflex system as well as the many new users of this fast-growing home-exercise system. The only authorized book on the subject, The Bowflex Body Plan will help you lose fat, build muscle, and reshape your body-- fast. Soon you will have the results you've always wanted. Soon you will have a Bowflex body.

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