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when applied to other non-bicycle-related equipment such as plaintifl's elliptical glider exercise machine, since marketing ... and Counter-Defendant Thane International, Inc., (“P1aintif1" or “Thane”) markets and sells under the name “ OrbiTrek". ... Int. Cl. 12, and “exercise equipment, name y stationary exercise cycles”/Int. Cl. 28; and U.S. App. S.N. 75/367,694 for bicycles, frames and parts/ Int. Cl. 12.

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... mountain bike racer, are sufficiently related to defendant's goods, namely high- performance bicycles and equipment, to associate racer with defendant. ... Courts Declaratory plaintiffs "OrbiTrek" elliptical glider exercise machine and defendant's bicycles and bicycle-related ... Thane International Inc. v. ... reels, since term "elite " is completely subordinated 260 260 INDEX DIGEST 53 USPQ2d - 56 USPQ2d.

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TREK bicycles, on the other hand, may be well known to cycling enthusiasts but not to the general public. ... Thane Int 7, Inc. v. ... famous to bicycle enthusiasts, was not famous in the relevant market segment covering the alleged diluter's ORBITREK stationary elliptical trainer, namely, the general sporting goods market). 4.


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