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272 pages

I'm Not on a Diet

Creator: Natalia Medina Coggins, Kip Coggins | Health & Fitness - 2010-05

After years of trying different types of exercises that were supposed to alleviate the pain and strengthen his back muscles, ... Then he saw a Tony Little Gazelle exercise machine at a department store and jokingly remarked about the inventor .

Publisher: Sunstone Press

About this book
Labels, recommendations, myths and hearsay. Trying to stay healthy can be confusing! This book will help you navigate the maze of information and misinformation about healthy eating through a combination of common sense and culture-validating approaches to food and life. Natalia Medina Coggins was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and moved to the Southwest in August 1993. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor's degree in Psychology. She has one daughter, Jessica, who lives in the Chicago area. Kip Coggins was born and raised in northern Michigan and moved to the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area in the mid 1980s. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual doctoral degree in social work and cultural anthropology. He currently teaches social work at the university level in New Mexico.

224 pages

Race You to the Fountain of Youth, I'm Not Dead Yet (But parts of me are going fast)

Creator: Martha Bolton, Brad Dickson | Humor - 2007-10-02

tuna, this system will give baby boomers like us just the exercise program we've been waiting for. The Possum Like the Tony Little Gazelle exercise machine, the Possum also works on the principle of moving like a wild animal to lose weight.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
The men are on one side. The women on the other. They're ready -- they're set -- they're off!... Well...maybe not. Seasoned comedy writers Martha Bolton and Brad Dickson take an unconventional, refreshing look at the over-forty race to the Fountain of Youth. Instead of heaping on the pressure to exercise more, eat less, manage your time, and save all your money for retirement, Bolton and Dickson offer a take-it-easy approach to aging with chapters like: € If Menopausal Women Ruled the World € How to Calculate Your Real Age € I Am Woman, Where'd I Go? € Desperate Grandmas € He Died of What? € Gimme a Head with Hair Filled with gentle encouragement and rolling humor, Race You to the Fountain of Youth will remind you to focus on the things that truly matter -- contentment, personal growth, faith, and joy. Relevant, real, and always funny, this look at the better half of life doesn't ask you to change one thing about yourself -- except maybe to laugh a bit more and worry a bit less.

152 pages

Ranger Up Presents Mixed Martial Arts IQ, The Ultimate Test of True Fandom (Volume II)

Creator: Zac Robinson | Sports & Recreation -

... High School, and now he is something else that might seem a little surprising... a) the President for the Animal Rights ... b) a spokesperson for Tony Little's Gazelle Exercise Machine c) a born again Christian who is also an Ordained Minister ...

Publisher: Black Mesa Publishing

About this book
FAST, FURIOUS, UNFORGIVING - 25 fights, 250 questions. The follow-up to Mixed Martial Arts IQ (Volume I) has the biggest events, craziest stories, the fighters you love, the fighters you love to hate, and more. Accept the challenge.Ranger Up Presents Mixed Martial Arts IQ (Volume II) is going to kick the crap out of you, and you'll love it. Ranger Up Apparel Company and author Zac Robinson have partnered to develop a pound-for-pound champion. In this book you'll find 25 sets of ten trivia questions that are full of MMA history. Each set of questions represents a fight. Answer them all and you've scored a big stoppage, miss a few and you're waking up asking "Stitch" Duran what happened.In the end you'll have a 25-fight record and be a champ ... or a can. Either way, with more than 20 photographs and stories shared by MMA stars for the first time and exclusively to Zac Robinson for this book, you'll have fun, and you'll be helping out deserving people, as a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Soldiers' Angels and Hire Heroes USA.Among the numerous MMA stars who have already contributed to this book and its effort to support these organizations are Wanderlei Silva, Rich Franklin, Tim Kennedy, Chael Sonnen, Nate Quarry, Chris Leben, Gray Maynard, Matt Lindland, Tim Credeur, Jorge Rivera, Brian Stann, Denis Kang, King Mo, Jason Miller, and Pat Cote. So you see, you don't stand a chance ... but give it a shot anyway! Maybe you'll be one of the few who rises through the ranks to contend for the title of Greatest of All Time, and if not, after reading Ranger Up Presents Mixed Martial Arts IQ you at least won't ever be called a TUF newb.Praise for MMA IQ, Volume II“I doubt you could have found this many top athletes willing to participate from any other sport. It’s a credit to each one of these fine gentleman and the sport of MMA as a whole that they chose to be involved.” — “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros.“This is truly a unique partnership and unique book. It will certainly entertain MMA fans and it will make a difference in the lives of those who served.” — Fight! Magazine Editor in Chief Donovan Craig.Praise for MMA IQ, Volume I“Every time I work on a cut I am being tested and I feel confident I can pass the test. After reading MMA IQ I’m not so sure I can do the same with this book.”⎯ UFC Cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran,“MMA fans everywhere pay attention—this is your best chance to reign supreme in your favorite bar stool. The trivia and stories come at you so fast and so furious you’ll wish Stitch Duran was in your corner getting you ready to do battle.”⎯ Sam Hendricks, award-winning author of Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting“From the rookie fan to the pound for pound trivia champs, MMA IQ has something that will challenge the wide spectrum of fans that follow the sport.”⎯ Robert Joyner,“I thought I knew MMA, but this book took my MMA IQ to a whole new level . . . fun read, highly recommended.”⎯ William Li,

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