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Business & Economics - 1998

This model offers everything you could want in an exercise machine—stability, durability and one heck of a workout. lt is .... Steppers sound too "wimpy" for you? Try the climber. Called the "Rambo" of the fitness-equipment market, ...

339 pages

Client-centered exercise prescription

Creator: John C. Griffin | Health & Fitness - 2006

Most nonelectronic machines use a flywheel for resistance; many people like the feel of the air machines more than the more ... Stair climbers. An attractive feature of these machines is that, in addition to providing excellent aerobic ...

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

About this book
Client-Centered Exercise Prescription, Second Edition,will help fitness professionals listen to their clients, assess their interests, and prescribe exercise that will work for them. The text maintains the first edition's focus on the individual by discarding the "one-program-fits-all" blueprint and emphasizing instead a personalized approach in which unique programs are designed to meet the interests and needs of each client. This edition is extensively revised, with substantial new material on activity counseling, client motivation, and step-by-step prescription models, which are directly linked to program design. The models facilitate fitness professionals'ability to make informed, client-centered decisions and address the following issues: -Establishing rapport and increasing adherence by prescribing exercise programs that match clients'desires, needs, and lifestyles -Understanding clients'unique psychological needs and using that information to keep them motivated and on track -Integrating principles and strategies for client-centered assessment and prescription that will enable fitness professionals to address and monitor clients'needs both as they are originally presented and as they evolve over time -Detailing the competencies of exercise demonstration, design modification, and follow-up monitoring -Applying strategies for treating and preventing overuse injuries so that clients avoid injury and frustration, thereby avoiding withdrawal from the program The models in Client-Centered Exercise Prescription, Second Edition,include activity counseling, cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training, weight management, exercise design, and program demonstration and modification, as well as the much-neglected area of assessment and treatment for muscle balance. The text explains the vital role that muscle balance plays in maintaining musculoskeletal health and teaches how to recognize and treat muscle imbalance before it causes serious damage. Reproducible worksheetsranging from informational forms for clients to checklists and prescription cards for professionalsfacilitate the use of the models to make exercise prescription easy and precise. Illustrated handouts of stretches and exercises for specific injuries are also included. These exercises can be incorporated into the client's program, and the handouts can be photocopied for clients to use as a guide for properly performing the exercises at home. The second edition of Client-Centered Exercise Prescriptionis an outstanding resource for all professionals and students interested in learning to prescribe exercise for each client's unique and changing needs. To help students grasp the concepts presented, many pedagogical aids, sidebars, and checklists have been added. Competencies are listed at the beginning of each chapter, and icons in the margins identify the information crucial for the certified personal trainer program certification of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CPT). The upgrades to the text also include extensive illustrations, examples, and case studies that demonstrate the practical application of concepts so that students can use them in real-life situations. The result is a text that clearly presents a unique, personalized approach to prescribing exercise and to helping clients adopt, enjoy, and maintain active lifestyles.

Business week

Business & Economics - 1993

Stair-climbers are popular for working the legs, hips, and buttocks. Cheaper ones use hydraulic pistons rather than a ... But steppers tend to be hard on the knees. If budget is a big concern, consider a cross-country ski machine or a ...

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air climber | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for air climber air climber stepper. Shop with confidence. : Tristar Air Climber - Red/ Black : Step ...
The pluses: The Air Climber is lightweight, gives you a good workout, easy on the joints, 2 wide black platforms , and the power cords are a great addition for toning ... : Air Climber As Seen on Tv w/ DVD : Step ...
I bought the air climber a month ago. I have been using it 4,6 times a week. I am loving it because you get your workout that you want , either with the resistance ...

exercise stepper | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for exercise stepper stair stepper. Shop with confidence.

As Seen On TV Air Climber -
Burn more calories easily with the As Seen on TV Air Climber. This lightweight air climber helps you to enjoy a low impact but effective workout that lets you burn ...


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  • SNC

    Air Stepper Climber Exercise Fitness Thigh Machine W/DVD Meal Plan Resistan Cord

    Sports (SNC)

  • United States

    Air Stepper Climber Exercise Fitness Thigh Machine W/DVD Resistant Cord

    Sports (United States)

    Usable for home workout and Gym and Equipped with one adjustable bodycord, help your upper workout and burn more calories
    Effectively exercise the ankle,knee,waist and arms. , Provides a low-impact aerobic work out
    100% assembled and Light weight and portable
    Offering a full cardio workout,strengthening your muscle,this air climber can help you get a shapely and toned body as well as full body workout. Its delicate design of the way to generating the pressure (by air circular motion) reduces the movement damage to a minimum,suitable for people of all ages.Digital training computer measures the steps,time and calories,making your exercise more reasonable and effective
    Comfortable wide anti-slip pedals,safe and durable and Multi-function computer measures the steps,time and calories.

  • Globe Warehouse

    GHP GOPLUS Fitness Air Stepper Climber Exercise Thigh Machine w DVD

    Sports (Globe Warehouse)

    Usable for home workout and Gym
    Multi-function computer measures the steps,time and calories
    Light weight and portable
    100% assembled
    Comfortable wide anti-slip pedals,safe and durable

  • F2C

    F2C Air Stepper Climber Exercise Fitness Thigh Device DVD Resistant Cord

    Sports (F2C)

    Package includes:1-New Air Fitness Stepper Climber Machine,1-Body Cord for upper body workout,1-Exercise DVD,Manual & Nutrition Guide,
    Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
    LCD computer displays: Count, Timer, Cal., and RPMS for 4 seconds each
    No need to install, equip with instructions and teaching DVD
    Material:high density polyethylene resin

  • SNC

    Air Stepper Climber Exercise Fitness Thigh Machine W/DVD Meal Plan Resistan Cord by SNC

    Sports (SNC)

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