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460 pages

Standard Handbook of Industrial Automation

Creator: Douglas M. Considine, Glenn D. Considine | Technology & Engineering - 2012-12-06

... gaging system, 61–64 Distance limitation, stepper motor, 350 Distributed communication network, 433 Distributed control, 141, 145, 147 ... ECMA (See European Computer Manufacturers Association) Eddy-current dimension gage, 66 Edge guidance and control, 73 EEPROM ... 216 Filter, noise, 166 Fine tuning, stepper motor, 350 Finishing, robotic, 299, 310, 311, 313 Finite element analysis, 10 Fixed ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
The authors and editors of this Handbook have attempted to fill a serious gap in the professional literature on industrial automation. Much past attention has been directed to the general concepts and philosophy of automation as a way to convince owners and managers of manufacturing facilities that automation is indeed one of the few avenues available to increase productivity and improve competitive position. Seventy-three contributors share their knowledge in this Handbook. Less attention has been given to the "What" and "How" of automation. To the extent feasible and practical within the confines of the pages allowed, this Handbook concentrates on the implementation of automation. Once the "Go" signal has been given by management, concrete details-not broad definitions and philosophical discussions-are required. To be found in this distinctly different book in the field are detailed parameters for designing and specifying equipment, the options available with an evaluation of their relative advantages and limitations, and insights for engineers and production managers on the operation and capabilities of present-generation automation system components, subsystems, and total systems. In a number of instances, the logical extension of current technology into the future is given. A total of 445 diagrams and photos and 57 tables augments detailed discussions. In addition to its use as a ready reference for technical and management personnel, the book has wide potential for training and group discussions at the college and university level and for special education programs as may be provided by consultants or by "in-house" training personnel.

480 pages

A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation

Creator: Richard M. Murray, Zexiang Li, S. Shankar Sastry, S. Shankara Sastry | Technology & Engineering - 1994-03-22

The foundation of the book is a derivation of robot kinematics using the product of the exponentials formula.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation presents a mathematical formulation of the kinematics, dynamics, and control of robot manipulators. It uses an elegant set of mathematical tools that emphasizes the geometry of robot motion and allows a large class of robotic manipulation problems to be analyzed within a unified framework. The foundation of the book is a derivation of robot kinematics using the product of the exponentials formula. The authors explore the kinematics of open-chain manipulators and multifingered robot hands, present an analysis of the dynamics and control of robot systems, discuss the specification and control of internal forces and internal motions, and address the implications of the nonholonomic nature of rolling contact are addressed, as well. The wealth of information, numerous examples, and exercises make A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation valuable as both a reference for robotics researchers and a text for students in advanced robotics courses.

353 pages

Visual control of robots, high-performance visual servoing

Creator: Peter I. Corke | Computers - 1996-11

Visual servoing is a rapidly maturing control approach for robot manipulators. This book addresses the fundamental issues in robotics and computer vision, as well as their fusion into a vision-based robot control system.

Publisher: Research Studies Pre

About this book
Visual servoing is a rapidly maturing control approach for robot manipulators. This book addresses the fundamental issues in robotics and computer vision, as well as their fusion into a vision-based robot control system. Previous work in the field is drawn together and presented in a systematic and consistent manner along with an extensive bibliography. The book is concerned particularly with high-performance motion and examines the limiting factors in the robot and vision system as well as their inter-connection. Necessarily the discussion involves developing detailed dynamic models which are used for simulation, to predict results that are obtained experimentally, and to design control systems. Many experimental results that verify the models and the performance of the control systems are included.

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Class Definition for Class 310 - ELECTRICAL GENERATOR OR ...
(2) Note. Since Class 310 takes, under the class definition, only subject matter relating to electrical generator or motor structure not elsewhere classified, its ...


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