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Jun 09, 2010 by Kara N | Posted in Diet & Fitness

Just started a new weight loss programme - in need of advice please?

I've been grumbling about an extra 20-or-so pounds for the last year, and finally decided to do something about it. I've hauled my mini stair stepper (similar to a lateral thigh trainer) out, and have been doing in the region of 40 minutes to an hour a day, at the highest intensive setting. I've cut out snacks and sugary foods, instead using cans of diet coke as treats, and I'm eating roughly 400 to 800 calories a day, keeping saturated fat low. I've lost about three pounds so far this week, which I'm fairly pleased with, and although I wish it was more, I'm aware of the importance of taking these things slowly. My question is - is this a sensible and sustainable diet plan? Will I continue to lose weight or is the nutritional balance going to cause my metabolism to slow? I haven't struggled so far, and am feeling very positive, but want to be sure I am moving in the right direction with this. Any advice much appreciated!

youre not eating enough

KB™ | Jun 09, 2010
Kerrie MacMillan | Jun 09, 2010
I think its just GREAT that you've decided to do something about your weight! If only the rest of America could have an attitude like yours :D The thing that depends how many calories you need depends on you height and weight and all that stuff I'll give you a link in the sources to a website that allows you to calculate that. For that reason I can't say if this diet is sustainable I would have to say probably not though. Its great that you've gotten rid of treats in your house ( mental pat on the back ) You may also might like to hike over to your local Gym and try other exercise machines you mini stair stepper won't work all your muscles, using a variety of workouts & equipment will help you lose the weight faster. Keep working and don't give up we're here for you! xoxo, Kerrie
Harry | Jun 09, 2010
If you want to learn about a program that will: Give you your total RDA while increasing your metabolism and keeping your calories low. email me if you'd like to learn more.
Shawn | Jun 09, 2010
Try to cut out the trans fats too. if un comes before the word fat, it means it's good. you want to be on the higher end of those calories because it'll be easier to maintain the weight you lose if your accustomed to eating 800-1000 calories a day. go for a jog instead of just the stair stepper. stair steppers are boring, go out and enjoy nature by going on a jog. it's way easier to stay motivated if you enjoy what your doing. If you want your metabolism to stay high then you have to have breakfast everyday. i dont know how many cases i've heard of people not losing weight and griping that they even cut out their breakfast. breakfast is super important. keep in mind that the more calories you eat on a daily bases, the higher metabolism will be because of it. i think if you jog everyday and eat around 800-1000 calories a day, you should see a good healthy shape in the mirror. try eating lots of berries too. they are yummy and super good for you.
Apr 30, 2009 by londongirl | Posted in Diet & Fitness

I stopped walking now my thighs are larger, will a stepper help?

Hi there, Thanks for reading this.. Ive looked all over the internet and can't seem to find any specific answers, so I thought I would ask here and cross my fingers... :) I moved like four months ago, and I seem to have gained a lot of weight since. I noticed this about two months ago, and have put a lot of effort into examining and modifying all the general ''new" food choices in this new situation, that are different and have a plan to make things work. Basically I used to live alone, cooked my own meals etc.. I'm vegetarian and lived near a proper market so it was always very fresh and healthy, now I live with family (who are mostly not vegetarian) and so I end up just snacking on carbs and things, and having half arsed meals which are not always so balanced as we eat together. Anyways, I'm working towards cooking solo whilst not offending everyone and basically keeping to a diet that works for me. My main problem right now is my thighs, (yes I have gained weight, which is slowly dropping off due to taken more control of the food situation) but the other major issue is now at my new home, I don't really exercise, my physical fitness level is at zero. When I lived alone I did not technically work out, but I walked to work and back every day, I walked to the shops, to socialise.. I walked everywhere really, and rarely got into a car. Now, well, I have to take the bus to work and you could just say I sit around and sit some more. My legs which were once lean, slim, toned without seeming 'worked out or muscley' (I'm naturally slender I have no boobs so this worked for me) are suddenly well, HUGE. Whilst I can still wear all my tops as comfortably as ever, my jeans and trousers are tight, hard to button and I feel very unattractive and unlike myself... I can't afford to get a whole new wardrobe you know? Everywhere is more or less as it was, but lower than my hipbone theres this new curvy thigh area which I simply have never seen before, even when I was pregnant and gained weight I never gained in just one area like this.. The scale now only says about 6 pounds difference, yet my thighs are pushing at my jeans seams, it's all very uncomfortable. I have now purchased a mini side stepper thing from argos.. Cheap and I can put it in my bathroom. I want to start a program of maybe 30 minutes a day on it, to make up for the lack of walks etc in my previous life which it seems was the only thing that kept me in my comfortable 'normal'. I don't want to make too much of a fuss, as this whole move has already stressed me out a lot, but I just need advice... Will the stepper be enough to mimic the low impact exercise that came up to about 45mins daily very brisk walks? Which it seems is what kept me lean and slim? Or will this encourage my new thighs to build muscle or something scary like that... ? Thanks in advance.

Look you wrote a ton but from what I read you just need to either power walk or start running! Walking or running will help your overall fitness. You also may want to consider avoiding a lot of carbs! I know I started avoiding carbs and lost weight! DRINK TONS OF WATER! Hope this helped!

girlielovebug | May 01, 2009

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