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532 pages

The Cambridge Old English Reader

Creator: Richard Marsden | Language Arts & Disciplines - 2004-04-01

This book is a major reader of Old English, the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons before the Norman Conquest.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About this book
This book is a major reader of Old English, the language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons before the Norman Conquest. Designed both for beginning and for more advanced students, it broke new ground in two ways, first in its range of texts, and second in the degree of annotation it offers. The fifty-six prose and verse texts include the established favourites such as The Battle of Maldon and King Alfred's Preface to his Pastoral Care, but also others which have not before been readily available, such as a complete Easter homily, Aelfric's life of Saint Aethelthryth and all forty-six Durham proverbs. Headnotes establish the literary and historical contexts for the works that are represented, and reflect the rich cultural variety of Anglo-Saxon England. Modern English word glosses and explanatory notes are provided on the same page as the text. Other features include a reference grammar and a comprehensive glossary.

346 pages

Portable people

Creator: Paul West, Joe Servello | Fiction - 1990

Presents a collection of short biographical sketches of artists, politicians, athletes, inventors, stars, and murderers

Publisher: British Amer Pub Limited

About this book
Accompanied by drawings and arranged chronologically, these Portable People are artists, inventors, politicians, athletes, stars and murderers. The sketches are improvisatory, nostalgic, exuberant, and depraved, and throughout one is reminded that "West is a literary gem whose luster gleams even brighter with each new effort".--The New York Times Book Review.

673 pages

All the Great Prizes, The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt

Creator: John Taliaferro | Biography & Autobiography - 2013-05-14

A full-scale portrait of Lincoln's Secretary and the Secretary of State under Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt traces his constant presence at the 16th President's side and role in major historical events for more than ...

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
If Henry James or Edith Wharton had written a novel describing the accomplished and glamorous life and times of John Hay, it would have been thought implausible—a novelist’s fancy. Nevertheless, John Taliaferro’s brilliant biography captures the extraordinary life of Hay, one of the most amazing figures in American history, and restores him to his rightful place. John Hay was both witness and author of many of the most significant chapters in American history— from the birth of the Republican Party, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American War, to the prelude to the First World War. Much of what we know about Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt comes to us through the observations Hay made while private secretary to one and secretary of state to the other. With All the Great Prizes, the first authoritative biography of Hay in eighty years, Taliaferro has turned the lens around, rendering a rich and fascinating portrait of this brilliant American and his many worlds. Hay’s friends are a who’s who of the era: Mark Twain, Horace Greeley, Henry Adams, Henry James, and virtually every president, sovereign, author, artist, power broker, and robber baron of the Gilded Age. As an ambassador and statesman, he guided many of the country’s major diplomatic initiatives at the turn of the twentieth century: the Open Door with China, the creation of the Panama Canal, the establishment of America as a world leader. Hay’s peers esteemed him as “a perfectly cut stone” and “the greatest prime minister this republic has ever known.” But for all his poise and polish, he had his secrets. His marriage to one of the wealthiest women in the country did not prevent him from pursuing the Madame X of Washington society, whose other secret suitor was Hay’s best friend, Henry Adams. With this superb work, Taliaferro brings us an epic tale.

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